Llewelyn Moss

Moss is potentially the main character of the story who stumbles upon drug money at a deal gone bad. He is a welder and hunter who lives in Texas and has a wife. His decision to keep the money affects himself and those around him including his wife(Carla Jean) who symbolizes innocence. Llewelyn's morals can be classified as "good samaritan." For example, when he finds a person barely alive at the dealing site, the man says he needs "agua." That evening, in a fit of compassion, he returns to the dying man to give him water. This is unwise because the other drug dealers come back to recover the drugs and money. This is not the only time in the film where Llewelyns admirable ethics unfortunately end up landing him in deep trouble. From this point on he relies on instincts and quick thinking as he struggles to stay one step ahead of Anton. At the end, Llwelyn dies, but we are not sure if the Mexican drug dealers kill him or if Anton has a hand in it. Llewelyn's death confirms the title of the movie by saying that the word "old" refers to the generation that is used to good always prevailing and bad always being rectified (you could say Sheriff Bell represents this), but this is not the case at the end of No Country For Old Men.

Carla Jean Moss
: I got a bad feeling, Llewelyn. 
Llewelyn Moss: Well I got a good feeling, so that should even out